Here’s what others are saying about Pam…

Wow, GYROTONIC® has changed my life!!! Not only is it an incredible stretch promoting, core strengthening workout, it has helped ease my carpet tunnel symptoms in just 2 workouts!!! I’m a believer!!!

Regina Roman Stano

Personal/Group Fitness Trainer

Pam has brought out in me an awareness of my actions and prompted ways to modify some of my behaviors that I have incorporated into my life.  This has put me on a better path to improved energy and well being.

Jodi Wagner

Author, BocaGirl.net

I have used Pam as my trainer for several years. I recently had extremely successful knee replacement surgery. Even my surgeon says I could be his poster child. I feel the success of my surgery is largely due to my pre-surgery training with Pam. Now, 6 weeks post op, I am already finished with physical therapy and back working with Pam in order to get stronger and more functional. I am now beyond my former limitations and continuing to improve. Thank you Pam.

Seena Sperling

I have worked with Pam Farrington as a personal trainer for the past year. I chose her because of her background, experience and credentials. She keeps me going while always trying to encourage the best performance from my workout. I am 65, have never had a weight problem and have never been a regular exerciser or gym goer although I do enjoy being active. As I aged, I realized that I needed to step up my game so I thought I would try using a trainer.

She is conscientious about my vulnerabilities. She is always able to regroup and work around a problem when one occurred and is always careful to avoid causing pain. I have seen steady progress and have certainly found that having a set schedule has increased my motivation and persistence to follow a consistent exercise program. Pam is creative and keeps things interesting and fun. She is also a lovely and interesting person so it is a pleasure to be in her company-that helps too, as exercise for me is inherently tedious and boring. With Pam it’s fun and I’m loving the results.

Dr. Robin Goldstein

I have been training and coaching with Pam for more than a year.  Pam is so knowledgeable and easy to work with that it has made it easy to break out of old habits. Pam is always offering good, well thought out advice but she is never judgmental. I work very hard at work which makes it difficult if not impossible to focus on what I should do to improve my health, but working with Pam I can focus on my work and work on my health too. Because of all of Pam’s efforts on my behalf, I have discovered ways to break out of old habits and implement new actions.

I no longer diet; instead I eat healthy meals and snacks that fit in with my busy schedule. I’ve learned to plan to make it easy to stay on track.  Although I work at a desk for many hours each day, I have incorporated more movement into my day in addition to my regular workouts.  I am thrilled to be maintaining this healthy lifestyle – my doctor loves my results and I look so much better and younger too!

Alice F.